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PondMAX MediMAX Bacterial Treatment


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PondMAX MediMAX Bacterial Treatment

PondMAX MediMAX Bacterial Treatment helps control gill diseases. Using MediMAX in pond and aquarium applications to treat open sores or ulcers as they appear will help the bacterial infection from spreading throughout the pond. Bacterial infections can result from fish stress due to adverse water quality conditions, habitat clean-outs, and predators.

To help prevent adverse water conditions we suggest testing ponds or aquariums weekly. Do not overstock ponds or aquariums. Overfeeding can cause adverse water conditions especially if food is not eaten and left in the pond or aquarium to rot. Also, always quarantine new fish before adding them into an existing pond or aquarium for a week or two if possible. It is important to monitor the behavior of the fish in the pond for clues to predator visits.

Dose PondMAX MediMAX according to the directions on the label.


  • Treats: 4,800 Gallons
  • 8 oz. container
  • Dry Formula
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