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About Us

The Pond & Rock Shop offers a wide variety of landscaping and pond supplies to keep your landscaping and pond looking beautiful, and your fish happy!

Family Owned & Operated

The Pond & Rock Shop’s primary goal is to provide industry-leading expertise and proven, high-quality products to their customers. The Pond & Rock Shop family is here to help your family by providing the products you need to get the job done right!

We Carry a Wide Variety of Natural Stone Options

The Pond & Rock Shop offers a wide variety of Natural Stone for your project. From flagstone to limestone steps, steppingstones, and wall stone, The Pond & Rock Shop has you covered.

We Love Water Gardens

We are the water gardening experts! We carry a wide variety of in-stock products from pond liner to pumps, fittings and hose, we are here to help with your water garden, pond, or water feature.

A Legacy Continues...

The Pond and Rock Shop was created by the Maddox Family in 1992 with a focus on the increasing demand for water gardens and a desire to become the experts in this field. Over the last 30 years their lives grew and changed as they raised three daughters while focusing on their business' ever changing growth.

Fast forward 30 years and in 2022 Todd Cruikshank purchased the business from the Maddox family with a strong desire to become a leading expert in this area as well. Todd comes from an extensive background focused in the landscape industry and for the past twenty-five years has grown into the business owner he is today. While the business has changed hands, the focus remains the same: providing unique pond and landscape products as well as unsurpassed customer service. Todd hopes to bring up his three daughters in the business just as the Maddox’s did.

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