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Frequently Used Pond Calculations

Pond Liner Calculations

Length = (Maximum Depth x 2) + Maximum Length + 2 ft.

Width = (Maximum Depth x 2) + Maximum Width + 2 ft.

Example: An 8' x 10' x 2.5' would require a 15' x 17' Liner

We custom cut pond liners in widths ranging from 5 feet to 30 feet in 5-foot increments.

Pond Volume Calculations

Pond Volume (in gallons) = Average Length x Average Width x Average Depth x 7.48

Example: A 12' long and 10' wide pond with a depth of 2 feet would be 1795.2 Gallons

Round Pond Volume (in gallons) Radius Squared x 3.14 x Average Depth x 7.48

Example: 10' round pond by 4' deep would be 2480 gallons

Fish Calculations

First, determine the surface area of the pond (Length x Width) or Area of the circle for the round pond (3.14 x radius squared).

To then determine how many fish: 1 inch of fish per square foot of the surface area is safe; 2 inches per square foot would require testing water weekly for nitrites, ammonia, and pH; 3 inches or more per square foot requires testing and bio-filtration.

Pump Size

Total gallons of pond divided by 3 = Minimum pump size for filtration only. Otherwise, pump volume should be determined by the feature to be created.

View our available pond pumps.

Electricity Calculations

Watts per hour divided by 1000 = Kilowatts per hour

Kilowatts x 0.10 = Kilowatt dollars per hour (KWDH)

KWDH x 24 = Kilowatt dollars per day (KWDD)

KWDD x 30 = Kilowatt dollars per month

KWDD x 365 = Kilowatt dollars per year

Other Useful Calculations

Total weight of water = Total gallons of water x 8.5

Total tons of stone for edging pond = Total surface of pond (length x width) divided by 65

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