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PondMAX EV3000 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump


  • Model: EV3000
  • Flow: 3,000 GPH
  • Head: 21 Ft.
  • Power: 125 Watts
  • Cable Length: 32 Ft.
  • Inlet/Outlet Thread 1-1/2"
  • 3 Year Warranty



PondMAX EV3000 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump

The PondMAX EV3000 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump provides proven quality when it comes to water features and it utilizes extremely low wattage for maximum energy efficiency. This water feature pump comes with a range of adapters. You can submerge this unit into the water and it also has an anti-clog impeller design. This pump has a threaded intake to adapt the optional prefilter or you can run it externally. And for the best protection, this water feature pump also has SMART MAG built-in for the motor. This unit is suitable for freshwater applications and can be used to keep the water oxygenated and clean. The cable length is 32 feet, the power is 125 watts, and the head is 21 feet. When you need the best in water feature pumps, the EV3000 Skimmer and Water Feature Pump from PondMAX is the ideal solution.


  •  Extremely Energy Efficient
  •  Submersible/Internal Compatible
  •  Anti-Clog Impeller Design
  •  SMART MAG Built-in Motor Protection
  •  3 Year Warranty

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in
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