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XA80K Teton Aeration Kits



XA80K Teton Aeration Kits

The XA80K Teton Aeration Kit is essential for ponds. The Teton Aeration system is a very cost-effective way to add oxygen to your pond.  A simple air pump with a bottom air stone is very easy to install and maintain.  Add the Teton Aeration Kit to an existing pond or a new pond.  Every aeration kit comes with an air pump, air tubing, and air stones.  Install the air pump on the side of the pond. The airline can be easily installed over the edge of the pond sides to supply air to the airstone below the water surface.


Air Flow Rate: 80 LPM
Watts: 80 W
Tubing Length: 25 ft
Tubing Size: 3/8"
Max Depth: 10 ft
Recommended Pond Size: 12,000 Gallons
Air Stone Size: 2" x 12"

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 24 in
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