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PondMAX ClearMAX Flocculent


  • 16 oz. (03PT062) Treats 8,000 Gallons
  • 32 oz. (03PT063) Treats 16,000 Gallons



PondMax ClearMAX Flocculent

Clears cloudy and muddled pond water quickly. ClearMAX Flocculent quickly restores pond water to a brilliant shine, sometimes within 1-3 hours. Flocculents bind particles together to filter them out of the pond or drop them to the bottom of the pond to be consumed by bacteria.

ClearMAX is safe to be used on a weekly basis throughout the season or use on an as-needed basis when the pond appears murky. Can be used after heavy rain or when single-celled algae (green water) is present. Best when used with an enzymatic bacteria to consume the particles at the bottom of the pond.

Dose ClearMAX based on the bottle instructions to see the best results. A non-toxic and environmentally safe product and fish safe.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions N/A

GALLON, 32 OZ., 16 OZ.

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