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Alliance XF Series Timer Transformer - 150 watts (FREE SHIPPING)



Alliance XF Series Timer Transformer - 150 watts

Alliance Transformers are the heart of a low-voltage outdoor lighting system is the transformer. Alliance rugged professional-grade multi-tap transformer sets the standard for ease of installation and adaptability to standard and app-based controls (also available packaged with our iTimerPRO).


  • Transformer Size: 150 watts
  • Max Amperage (Load): 1.25 amps
  • Max Input (Primary Voltage): 120 volts
  • Secondary Voltage: 12-18 volts*
  • Available Voltage Taps: 12, 13, 14, 15
  • Exterior Construction: Stainless Steel

*You may use any combination of output terminal lugs (12-15 volt) However you may not exceed 150 watts on any single terminal lug.

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Weight 5.0000 lbs
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