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Alliance bt Range Extender



Alliance bt Range Extender

Get Your Fixtures Talking! Install the bt-RE on every job!

The bt system uses Bluetooth Mesh technology to communicate. The mesh network becomes stronger with more devices in the same network. A distance gap between fixtures can cause a loss of communication. To ensure that all of your fixtures communicate with each other, install a bt Range Extender to each network on every job no matter how big or small.

The bt-RE range extender is the most important device of a bt system. Without the bt-RE, you will have trouble setting up and using a bt system. With 70x more signal strength than a bt fixture, the bt-RE increases signal strength and communication between bt fixtures. The 1 watt bt-RE includes a 10’ wire lead that can be wired in just like the bt fixtures, a 5db external antenna and a Bluetooth® module that is housed by solid brass. No matter how many or few fixtures you have installed, the bt-RE is a must.

The bt-RE must have a line of sight to the bt fixtures and their antennas, do not try to hide the bt-RE behind rocks, walls, large trees or any other structures or that will cancel out all of the benefits of the bt-RE. The bt-RE can mount to risers, round mounting bases or down light brackets to get them higher off the ground where they have a better line of sight to the bt fixtures. There is a small led indicator on the bt-RE, a red light indicates that the bt-RE is in the default “Alliance” network and a green light indicates that the bt-RE is in a secured network. The bt-RE must be in the same network as the other fixtures in order to communicate with them. If you have multiple secured networks setup you will need bt-RE’s for each network. When trying to figure out how many bt-RE’s to install, start with 1, prepare to have an extra bt-RE per every 8 fixtures and always have spares in case you need more, there is no limit to how many can be on a project (remember, they only consume 1 watt of power.)

If you are a contractor installing a bt system, make sure you install bt-RE’s or expect to be called back to the job. If you are a homeowner, make sure your contractor installs bt-RE’s before they leave the job. We promise you, the bt-RE will make your system work better.

What is the bt-RE?

  • A Bluetooth Range Extender that increases communication between bt fixtures.
  • An installer and end user’s best friend
  • Absolutely necessary

How many bt-RE’s do I need?

  • Start with 1, plan for more
  • As many as it takes to get all your fixtures talking
  • Spares in your truck just in case you need more

Where should the bt-RE be installed?

  • In line of sight of the bt fixtures
  • NOT hidden behind rocks, trees, corners of the house or any other structures
  • Higher is better, on risers, in trees, on a roof, or higher elevated grounds
  • Try different locations before permanently installing

Do I REALLY need a bt-RE?

  • Yes, absolutely

Fixture Features:

  • Antenna: External, 5 dB, 2.4 GHz
  • Wire: 10’ wire lead, 16 awg (UL listed), brown, pre-stripped for easy wire connection
  • Stake: Plastic ground stake, attached to the fixture (8.5 in.)


  • Wattage: 1 watt
  • Operating Voltage Range: 10v - 24v
  • Works With: ALLIANCE bt products and phone app
  • Compatible Wireless Applications: Bluetooth Mesh


  • Ten Year Warranty

Available Accessories:


  • Use waterproof connectors and wire into the existing system.
  • Install in areas where a distance gap between fixtures is present.
  • Range Extender must be added to the same network as the bt fixtures in order to work properly.
  • Signal range increases in higher areas above ground.

Recommended Accessories:

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