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3 Series Geogrid 4’x50’



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Geogrid 3-Series, Soil Stabilization Grid 4' x 50' Roll

Model: 3450
Brand: SRW
Size: 4' x 50'
Square Yards Per Roll: 22.22
Color: Black
Maximum Retaining Wall Height: 10'

Geogrid is a ground reinforcement fabric which provides strength to retaining walls and helps to prevent against collapse. In order to provide effective stability, geogrid is placed in multiple layers within the retaining wall.


  • Retaining walls
  • Steep slopes
  • Sub-grade stabilization
  • Soft soils under embankments
  • Waste containment/landfills

We also offer uni-directional 10 Series, 11 Series, 12 Series, 18 Series, 19 Series and 35 Series. In addition, we offer pricing on Synteen, Mirafi and Strata geogrid. These are non-stocking items but are available upon request.

SRW Products engineers use LTDS calculations to identify and reduce factors which can impact the long-term performance of a geotextile reinforced system. This allows us to offer a variety of products.

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Weight 5 lbs
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