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PondMAX 18 Watt UV Clarifier


  •  Robust UV Resistant body
  •  Optional bypass port and flow regulator valves
  •  Multi-Stepped Hosetail fittings for simple installations
  •  Built-in Mounting Bracket
  •  Clear Hosetail for UV Clarifier Operating Indicator


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PondMAX 18 Watt UV Clarifier

When used with a biological filter, PondMAX 18 Watt UV Clarifier will restore clarity and healthy conditions to your pond. By treating the water which passes through with the UVC, algae and bacteria are destroyed to achieve crystal clear water within 14 days.


  • Maximum Pond Size Without Fish Shaded: 4,800 gallons
  • Maximum Pond Size With Fish Full Sun: 2,400 gallons
  • Max Flow: 2,100 gallons per hour
  • UV-C: 18 Watts
  • Cable Length: 10 feet

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